Need to turn up the heat in your relationship?

Relationships sometimes need spicing up.  If your stuck for time and money and can’t get away for a romantic break, there are simpler ways of spicing up your sexual relationship.

Just adding some foods to your diet can not only be healthy for your body, but also act as an aphrodisiac in your relationship.

Research has shown that some foods are very good for your genitals, encouraging blood flow to the region and triggering feel-good hormones that fan those flames of passion.  Others help improve the libido in women.  Below are some examples.

Spinach – a good source of magnesium, which helps dilate blood vessels.  better blood flow to the genitals creates a greater arousal for men and women.  Spinach and other green vegetables like Kale are also good sources of another sex nutrient Folate.  Vital for good reproductive health, it may lower blood levels of a harmful substance called homocysteine, which can be a significant risk factor for peripheral arterial disease.

Unsweetened Tea – the anti-oxidant Catechin found in tea promotes blood flow all over the body for sex and brain power.  Drink freshly brewed green or black tea unsweetened.  Studies show that too much sugar lowers the body’s ability to produce endorphins.  Low endorphins can lead to depression, which sucks the life out of a sex drive.

Fruits – such as peaches, grapefruit, watermelon, kiwi, mangoes, oranges are high in Vitamin C.  People who eat foods high in vitamin C report better moods and have more sex.  These foods help boost blood flow, meaning both sexes feel friskier quicker.  Men who consume at least 200 milligrams of vitamin C per day improve their sperm counts and motility, according to research at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Eggs – the nutrients in eggs, including folate, iron, phosphorus, and selenium are heart healthy and known to maintain the health of the epithelial tissues, which line the vagina and uterus in women.  Eggs are rich in vitamins B6 and B5, which help balance hormone levels and ease stress, and are important for a healthy libido.  Eggs are also great at aiding weight loss via their protein and B12, a vitamin studies have shown is necessary for breaking down fat.

Nuts and Seeds – almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds all contain mono-saturated fats, vital for creating cholesterol.  Important as your sex hormones need this cholesterol to function properly.  Long linked to fertility, nuts make a sexy snack.

Oatmeal and other whole grains – eating oatmeal is a natural way to boost testosterone, vital in sex drive and organism strength in both men and women.  Oats contain L-argnine, an amino acis used to treat erectile dysfunction.  Like Viagra, it helps relax muscles around blood vessels in the penis.  When they dilate, blood flood increases so a man can maintain an erection.  Studies show that L-arginine improves blood flow to the clitoris and tissue surrounding the vulva as well.

Oysters and Other Shell Fish – raw oysters have the reputation as the ultimate aphrodisiac and improve sexual function.  Oysters contain high amounts of Zinc, and it is believed this mineral may enhance libido improving testosterone production and sexual desire.   Zinc is also important to healthy sperm production and blood circulation.  Approx 6 raw oysters will provide double the recommended daily allowance of 15 mg of zinc.

Strawberries and Blueberries – red is a sensual colour, strawberries promote romance, but they are also important as high in the vitamin B folate that helps prevent birth defects, and vitamin C,  potential libido booster.  Blueberries and blackberries are just as sensual, both berries contain compounds that relax blood vessels and improve circulation for a natural Viagra-like effect.

So, who would have thought it, the right foods can play a vital part in improving sex in relationships.  If you know of any others which work for you and your partner, please let us know.


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