Not just for the playground or boxers in training, skipping aka jump rope is an effective total body workout.

Skipping burns calories, matching the benefits of running, without the high impact on the knees.  It improves both aerobic and anaerobic endurance, develops strength and co-ordination.  No gym membership is required, it can be done almost anywhere.

Skipping ropes are small, light weight and easy to carry for a workout on the go.  Plus cheap, ropes can be bought from £2, so any weight lost won’t be from your purse or wallet.

Skipping is a total body workout, exercising the whole body, especially the arms, legs, shoulders, chest and core muscles.  Coordination, agility, balance and concentration is built.  Easier on the knees than running or jogging as both legs and feet absorb the shock of each jump.

Action Plan

To ensure an effective, fun and safe workout, make sure the rope length is correct to prevent excessive jarring movements.  To measure the rope, stand on the centre with one foot, pull up and adjust to make sure the tip of the handles just reaches the shoulders.  Keep the body upright, with arms close to the sides of the body, and elbows at a 90 degree angle while making small circles with your wrists.  Keep the heels off the floor and jump only high enough to clear the rope (3/4 to 1 inch).  Wear footwear with good forefoot padding to cushion the landings when jumping on wooden floors or concrete.  Lastly, as with any exercise workout, start off slowly and build up the speed and length of training time.

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