Crazy Sex In Crazy Places!

Have you ever had sex in a crazy place?

Do you ever fantasize about getting it on outside the bedroom?  Ever want to just grab your man or woman, take them to the nearest low-key or open public place and rip their clothes off?

Sex in a new location is exciting, adventurous and always feels a little hotter.  So, if you feel it is time to turn up the heat!  Below are some ideas of crazy places to try (all true of course).

– In a car in a parking garage, on a boat, on a golf course, in front of a large shop window, in a cinema, in a press box at an NFL game, at a wedding, in a fitting room, in a public restroom, on a balcony of a hotel, in a supermarket carpark, on a motorcycle, under a waterfall, in a clocktower, in a firestation, in a boxing ring, in a church, on a roundabout, on a rooftop, in a cemetery, in an office at work, in the snow, in a park, in a hospital (staff bathroom, hospital room for visitors), beach bench, under the bed at a friend’s house, basement of parents house, in a helicopter, on a beach, on a road intersection, sex with your girlfriend lol, on a statue (flat top), in a tent…….

Can you add any other ideas?


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