Funny Travel Real Life Stories

Every traveller has their own unique stories they love to share, it’s an important part of the travel experience.

One of my favourite travel experiences was on one of the many short adventurous activity breaks I went on with different groups of friends. Six of us went on a long weekend break to Carmarthen, Wales for my 33rd birthday and tried a mixture of adventure activities including raft building, climbing, gorge scambling, jumping off waterfalls and the muddiest ever assault course in the UK. While competing with a group of guys on a stag do, to get through the assault course as fast as possible, one of the guys when running after the groom, didn’t see a tree branch and went flying over it into a very very muddy pond. Everyone in fits of laughter, including the instructors, as the unlucky gentleman nicknamed Chunk slowly emerged from the mud completely covered from head to toe, even his eyelids. After many pictures were taken and the piss taken out of Chunk, two instructors gave him a branch and pulled him out of the pond. At the end of the course, all clothes had to be taken off and thrown away.

Some other funny travel experiences from friends and strangers are below. some we can relate to. Tell us your funny travel experiences in the comments section below.

Rock dangle
One weekend on a short adventure activity break in Exeter, a group of us went coasteering and sea swimming. As apart of the experience of coasteering we had to climb rocks and then jump off into the sea. I was standing behind a friend of mine, who is normally a daredevil. For the first time she got nervous of jumping into the sea, this in turn made me feel nervous, so instead of jumping straight after her, I climbed down the rock to get to a lower ledge to jump from. In the course of climbing down the rock I slipped and caught my rucksack on a rock and was left dangling above the sea. Rather than help release me, my friends and the activites instructor took some pictures and uploaded them onto their social media pages.

Unlucky dog
A friend of mine and her sister went on holiday to China. When walking through a village, they spotted a cute looking small dog tied up outside a restaurant. The dog looked thirsty to them, so they asked a staff member in the restaurant to give the dog some water. The staff member didn\’t speak any English and didn\’t understand what they meant. A little while later, as the two sisters were sitting at a table within the restaurant the unlucky dog turned up on a large plate in front of them dead and cooked. The staff member thought they had asked for the dog as their restaurant meal.

Flight diverted by smelly poo
Not often the phrase “smelly poo” appears on the news. However, it was just that which led to the diversion of a British Airways flight in March 2017, causing it to turn around just 30 minutes into a flight from Heathrow to Dubai. laugh

Internet notoriety
Irishman Joseph Griffin gained internet notoriety after he got confused operating his son’s GoPro. Instead of capturing his trip to Las Vegas, he managed to film nothing but close-ups of his face, shown after his son uploaded it to youtube.

Glue on my feet
During Soviet times flying Moscow to Copenhagen. After spending nearly 24 hours at the airport, I finally got in the plane and fell asleep right away. When I woke up, I suddenly discovered that my feet are glued to the floor! The woman in front of me had a large jar of honey that had turned over and contents had spilled across the floor. She was sleeping too and had no idea of the mess around her!

Wrong airport terminal
A friend once waited at the wrong terminal at Bangkok’s old Don Mueang International Airport for over three hours for a friend arriving from Australia. Had they spent more time reading the information on the huge “Arrivals” screen they would have clearly seen that her flight had arrived at Terminal 1, not 2 where they had been waiting. Both ended up leaving the airport completely worried and confused as to where they each were. This tale did end well though, with them meeting up later that week.

Dirty rat
While in Vang Vieng, Laos, three travelers decided to visit the local market. They each purchased a food item to bring back to the guesthouse and share with the group for a nice local dinner. One traveler bought a rat from a woman selling whole rats that were sliced open and grilled over a small fire, complete with rat nose, rat eyes, rat toes and rat tail still in place. When they returned to the guesthouse, the others were not thrilled with this travelers choice and so left him to take a bite out of it himself. After taking a bite, he put his glasses on and looked more closely at the rat only to discover over a dozen maggots moving around in the flesh. He was very ill that night and then felt extremely sick for a couple of days afterwards.

Karaoke Brothel
Some friends loved singing in karaokes. While in Bali for a friend’s wedding, the group decided to explore the island and look for a karaoke bar. Some words have alternative meanings in different countries. After seven attempts, they gave up, each cab driver took them to a bar with a difference, karaoke meant brothel with music.

Tell us your funny travel stories in the comments section below.

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